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Our vision is to provide the child a place that enhances his natural growth and desire to learn, to work, and discover the world.  The Montessori philosophy and method respond greatly to our educational perspective.



The Jip & Janneke Preschool is a diagnostic integrated Preschool for hearing children and children with hearing loss which allows parents to make the best schooling choice for their child as a result of the child’s

 with hearing loss whether in a regular setting or a specialized school for the Deaf.  It is a place that helps develop and nurture the intellectual, creative and human potential of the child by providing them with a warm, safe and stimulating environment.



Loving those we serve and having compassion for them, is our golden rule.  Starting with one another is a good practice to reach that goal. Our moto is “do for others as you would like them to do for you.

Respect for the child is a priority, and respect for one another nurtures it.  Adults around the child are the best model for the child, demonstrating respect to every individual regardless of any differences.

Quality of service is our goal, with the intent to provide we can for the child and not our image.  Therefore, we do the best we can to provide the kind of quality service which we would wish for ourselves and for our children.

Learning Life Skills and human values are top priority in our educational approach.

Collaboration among staff and with the children’s families is crucial; for the best interest of the child.  Therefore, positive communication is of essence.



  1. To provide quality education for the children through our Montessori oriented approach
  2. To facilitate for the development of the overall potential of each child
  3. To allow children to work at their own pace and at their own level, nurturing their curiosity and imagination
  4. To stimulate and protect the child’s love of learning
  5. To provide a loving, safe and caring environment that fosters happiness, confidence and responsibility
  6. To be responsive to emerging needs and take initiative for improvement